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Can I get access to all channels for one price? No, all channels are sold separately, and dancers who have their own profile pages are sold separately too. It’s the only way for us to stay in business, so show us some love.

Is this site compatible with mobile phones and tablets? No, videos can only be downloaded on a PC, Laptop or Mac. Mobile users can join and get access to some of the same videos.

Where can I buy DVD’s of the dancers? You can purchase DVD Sets of your favorite dancers now on our DVD Site click here.

What do I need to Playback Videos? Our videos are encoded in the MP4 .h264 format which plays on all PC desktop, laptop and Mac computers. You must make sure you have the latest browser installed on your computer. MP4 videos will stream on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. MP4 videos cannot be streamed on Internet Explorer and must be downloaded. Once downloaded MP4 videos can be played on any current free video player such as Windows Media Player, GOM Player or VLC Player.

How To Chapter or Time Skip Videos? All MP4 videos allow you to skip from one portion of a video to another. Just tap or slide the playback time bar to whatever position you wish. However this only works with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

How To Download Videos? To download videos desktop users can right mouse click on the video link and select “Save target as.”

How to Stream Videos?  MP4 videos will stream on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. MP4 videos cannot be streamed on Internet Explorer and must be downloaded.

Why won’t videos download to my phone or tablet? Most phones and tablets do not allow video downloading from members only areas. You must use your desktop or laptop computer.

Slow Downloads? If you are experiencing sudden slow download speeds, and you have a high speed Internet connection, this is more than likely temporary, due to large number of members downloading videos simultaneously.

Choppy Streaming? Members with slower Internet connections can experience choppy and laggy streaming due to the large file sizes of videos. We suggest you use the download video option. To download videos desktop users can right mouse click on the link and select “Save target as.”

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